Ukraine_Reception and housing

What we know right now, is that a part of the refugees from Ukraine will arrive in the Netherlands. The coordination of the housing of refugees is normally run by the COA.  the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers. The COA asks municipalities to help when refugee centers are full. At this time it is not known if and how the municipality of Epe will have to help. We have not been asked for help yet, but we are preparing by looking if there is suitable housing for refugees. Think of hotels, holiday resorts, sporting venues and empty offices. We prefer large locations (for housing of at least 50 people), so we can better guide and support the refugees. 

Housing available?

Do you have housing available for Ukrainian refugees? VluchtelingenWerk Nederland, The Dutch Council for Refugees and the COA work with takecarebnb. This organization matches refugees to host families. More information can be found on Nederland voor vluchtelingen. Through VluchtelingenWerk Nederland you can support Ukrainians or register as volunteer or host family.

Financial compensation

At this time we do not know if a host family will get financial compensation from the municipality of Epe. The Dutch government is working on a scheme to give financial support to Ukrainian refugees. Ukrainians can choose to pay the host family for housing or meals from this financial support. This scheme will be published soon. We will publish it also.

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