Ukraine_Medical care

Refugees sometimes need medical care. Are you a refugee who needs medical care? Are you a host family with a refugee who needs medical care? Contact your local doctor (in Dutch: “huisarts” – look for “huisarts” in “Epe”, “Emst”, “Oen”, or “Vaassen”). At this time the local doctors are responsible for medical care.

In case of emergencies: call the emergency number 112.

Are you a medical professional helping Ukrainians?

Providing medical care to refugees from Ukraine is fully compensated. This compensation is given by the 'Subsidieregeling medisch noodzakelijke zorg voor onverzekerden'.

This means you can get subsidy for the medical care you provide tot refugees. You can ask for the subsidy at the CAK. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Support (Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport) has decided this. At the CAK you can ask for subsidy after providing medical care. This happens in the usual way. Only medical care from the base package (basispakket) is compensated. For medical care from the base package (basispakket) provided to Ukrainian refugees everything is compensated. You do not have to ask for money from your patient.

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